The challenges facing the UK’s aviation manufacturing and engineering industries are the focus of a new initiative by the 177-parliamentarian strong All-Party Parliamentary Group for General Aviation (APPG-GA)

The new Working Group will research and inform politicians about the many issues facing the country’s important aviation manufacturing, engineering and maintenance businesses. Members will seek to develop “ambitious policies to promote an environment in the UK that facilitates world-class innovation in aircraft design and manufacture”.

Explaining the formation of the sixth and latest Working Group, APPG Chair Grant Shapps MP said, “As parliamentarians, we believe that our nation’s successful aviation future rests, in part, with the development of technologies like electric flight – with all the environmental benefits this would bring.

“So, a significant element of the new Working Group will aim to place the UK at the heart of cutting-edge aviation technology, thereby capitalising on our nation’s world-beating aviation and science knowledge.”

According to the respected ADS UK Aerospace Outlook Report, the aerospace manufacturing industry saw a turnover of £31.8 Billion in 2017 and directly employed 120,000 people (and a further 118,000 indirectly).

The Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sector, is also highly profitable for the UK economy comprising 1,300 individual companies, employing 57,000 people and contributing a further £15 billion in yearly turnover. These figures show that the industry represents a “clear and important national asset which Government should be actively promoting”.

APPG-GA chair, Grant Shapps MP, said: “Manufacturing and engineering companies play a crucial part in aviation as a whole. Without parts and equipment, no aviation business, whether it is an airline or a flying school, could hope to continue operations. In this way, the industry’s economic value goes far beyond its own immediate profits.”

With these concerns in mind, APPG-GA members feel more action is required from Parliament, Government and the aviation industry itself to encourage excellence in the manufacturing and engineering industry.

The consultation on the draft Terms of Reference is open until Friday the 25th of January. The full draft Terms of Reference can be found here

The APPG-GA will use responses to inform the future direction of the new Working Group’s activity. Comments are welcome from any individual or organisation with an interest in the aviation manufacturing and engineering industry. All submissions should be sent to the Head of the APPG Secretariat by email to

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