There’s something brewing at the airport… quite literally at Munich Airport, where 9 September marked the twentieth anniversary of Airbräu, the restaurant which boasts the world’s only airport brewery

Aimed at offering passengers and visitors a unique, Bavarian-themed dining experience, it features Europe’s largest covered beer garden, all presided over by 32-year-old master brewer René Jacobsen.

Over the past two decades Airbräu has brewed ten million litres of beer, year-round brews of lager, weissbier and Märzenbier complemented by seasonal and festive specialities.

Jacobson’s creation to mark the big anniversary represents a new direction for him.

“This is our first-ever cool dry-hopped beer, reviving a time-honoured brewing technique,” he says, “and the full-bodied tangy flavour of our fruity Rotfuchs beer makes it a perfect match for lighter menu choices such as salads and fish dishes.”

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