Airbox Aerospace Ltd, the digital mapping and navigation company, has just announced the release of RunwayHD 3.0, an updated version its hugely popular planning and navigation app for pilots across the world (also a much valued prize in Pilot’s ‘Air-Brained’ quiz competition).

Used by both novice and professional pilots, including military, police and emergency services operators, RunwayHD has been upgraded to version 3.0 with some ‘great new features’ and changes, whilst maintaining the speed, efficiency, and ease of use that has made it, as the company says, such a hit in the flying world.

“RunwayHD is continually evolving and with this evolution comes improvements in speed, efficiency and situational awareness,” explained Airbox technical director William Moore, “ With the release of RunwayHD 3.0 also comes some great new features such as free downloads of any ICAO chart for a thirty-day trial period, a completely overhauled intelligent NOTAM system and free flight plan filing via partner company Rocket Route: all things which give pilots the edge when planning and flying across the world.”

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