Los Angeles-based air taxi operator Quantum Air has signed a purchase deposit agreement for a fleet of 22 Bye Aerospace all electric eFlyer 4s and two eFlyer 2s

The agreement also includes two of the future advanced aircraft that Bye has under development. “With the arrival of electric aircraft we are entering a new Golden Age in aviation,” said Quantum Chief Executive Officer Tony Thompson.

“Since the dawn of flight, point-to-point air travel has been a luxury available only to a privileged few. Quantum’s groundbreaking air taxi service will finally make it widely available.”

Vice-President and Chief Pilot Scott Akina added: “By electrifying aviation, Quantum will ignite urban and regional mobility. Electric aircraft are safer, quieter, and more efficient than legacy aircraft, and they are more fun, more comfortable, and do not pollute.”

Bye has also signed an agreement with Garmin to provide its two-seat eFlyer 2s with suites of new G3X Touch avionics.

“Garmin is supplying the full VFR to IFR instrument capability, ADAHRS, GPS, transponders and standby instruments,” said Chief Executive Officer George E Bye, “[so] the eFlyer 2 will utilise the most advanced avionics technology available.

“Garmin’s reputation for providing comprehensive, intelligible, superior avionics systems aligns with our goal to provide flight schools and owner/operators with the safest, most reliable, and innovative pilot training aircraft ever produced.”

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