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3 b The Air France Concorde routed to Brazil via Dakar in Senegal, West Africa.

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7 d With a MTOW of 53.5 tonnes from land or 48.8 tonnes from choppy sea the Chinese AG600 is similar in size to an Airbus A320 but is lighter than some earlier (non-amphibious) large flying boats such as the Martin Mars, Saunders-Roe Princess and Hughes H-4 ‘Spruce Goose’.

(Incidentally, why is ‘amphibian’ the name we give to aircraft capable of taking off and alighting on both land and water? In the natural world an amphibian is a creature equally at home in water or on land but not in the air, like a frog, seal, crocodile, or otter. Surely an aeronautical ‘amphibian’ behaves much more like a seagull, albatross, guillemot, or swan and deserves a more appropriate name? ‘Anseriform’, ‘Pelagornis’ or ‘Terraquaplane’ perhaps?)

8 c Basically, it means that you want the other person to say every phrase twice

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