How air-brained are you? Test your general aviation knowledge on matters including safety, history, training or anything related to flying! Compiled by James Allan

Full explanations of the answers are detailed below the quiz…

1 a An aft centre of gravity will increase an aircraft’s TAS. As the CofG moves aft, less tail down force needs to be exerted by the tailplane. This decreases the angle of attack and so decreases induced drag and increases speed.

2 d If after touch-down you have received no exit instructions from ATC, you should exit onto the first available taxiway, ensure your aircraft has cleared the holding position marking, then stop and ask for instructions. Never exit at a runway intersection, turn around, backtrack or stop on the runway, unless ATC instructs you to do so.

3 b

4 b

5 c

6 c Vickers-Armstrong (& Avro)

7 d

8 all of them

9 b Weight-related landing fees are always based on the maximum permitted take-off weight of the aircraft.

10 c

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