Air BP is one of the world’s largest aviation fuel products and services suppliers. Operating at around 600 locations in over 45 countries we sell over 7.5 billion gallons of fuel a year. Our customers range from owners of small private jets, to many of the world’s largest commercial airlines and the military. In 2013 we fuelled more than 6,400 flights every day – that’s more than 4 every minute. Our experts provide a complete aviation fuel consultancy service, including the design, build and operation of aviation fuelling facilities. Air BP offers two fuel cards, providing you with a convenient way to purchase Jet Fuel and Avgas globally. The Air BP Sterling Cards are recognised worldwide and are used by thousands of aircraft operators and pilots every day.

We spoke to Suzanne Rayner who is responsible for Air BP Sterling Card customers in UK and has worked with Air BP for 10 years. Suzanne offers dedicated support to customers for contract and price negotiation and tender management.

Tell us a little about your typical working day?

I manage a large portfolio of Into-plane fuelling customers, who uplift fuel domestically and internationally, so I have to have a good knowledge of Air BP’s locations within our growing global network. I am responsible for financial performance in terms of growing and developing existing customers and prospects, which entails communicating and visiting customers on a regular basis. I also bring to customers an in-depth knowledge of the Air BP Sterling Card programme and all the back office tools to support them.

What do you like most about working with our customers?

I enjoy interacting with customers, understanding their needs and building sustainable relationships to help their companies to grow. Whether it’s working with the private or hobby flyer or the biz jet operators, I like the one on one relationship, where I can help with a specific requirement. It’s rewarding to know that we have the infrastructure and the experience of colleagues to support them, however big or small they are.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I go swimming twice a week, play racketball, do pilates and ski. I love travelling to new places, both cities and beach breaks. I have two children aged 20 and 21 and we still take family holidays together and enjoy meals out – they have always been the number one priority in my life. I’m quite a sociable person and enjoy a busy work and personal schedule so being organised is key!

Why should customers get in touch?

Customers can find out about the benefits of the Sterling Card Reward programme such as receiving money back for every qualifying US gallon of fuel purchased from any Air BP Sterling Card acceptance location. They can also have a demo to use our ‘Where to find’ service, which provides specialised knowledge about our key locations.

I will always make time to help and support customers whether they are a large Biz Jet operator or a private owner of a light aircraft. All my customers are important to me and job satisfaction for me comes from a happy customer who appreciates you going the extra mile. We have a great offer to meet the varying needs of the General Aviation market and I am proud of be part of the Air BP brand. My customers have a great wealth of experience and I am always learning from them too, which is a great part of my job – just chatting, getting to know them and sharing knowledge.

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