ABOVE: To celebrate the charity’s 30th year, a ‘What’s your 30?’ challenge invites creative fundraising suggestions.

Aerobility has announced details of its 30th birthday fundraiser, including a Summer Auction, which is now live.

Founded in 1993, the UK-based charity aims to ‘change lives by providing the disabled community access to the magic and wonder of flight’. Expanding from ‘humble beginnings’ to a current fleet of five aircraft, Aerobility supports nearly 1,000 disabled people per year with bases at Blackbushe and Tatenhill.

Over the last 30 years, Aerobility has introduced over 10,000 people ‘to the magic and wonder of flight, forever transforming their perspective on the world and their personal capabilities’. To celebrate this achievement, a new fundraising initiative invites supporters to design their own 30-themed fundraiser: whether it’s 30 days of running, a 30 hour sponsored silence or 30 second handstand. Information packs can be downloaded here and Aerobility’s fundraising co-ordinator can also be contacted at hebeweir@aerobility.com

Additionally, Aerobility is also excited to announce the launch of the 2023 Summer Auction, with bidding open for six aviation-themed items. The first – a flying date for six with the Bristow Group – promises a ‘truly immersive culinary and aerial adventure’, incorporating a helicopter flight from Norwich Airport along the Norfolk Coast and an exclusive lunch experience at the Gunton Arms pub.