Lancashire pilot Mark Hanson broke the record for the number of aircraft takeoffs and landings in one hour, although he felt he could have achieved more

The 43-year-old aerobatic pilot from Padiham carried out the feat at Kirkbride Airfield, Cumbria, in a German-built Extra EA 300L, the type of aircraft in the junior category of Red Bull Air Racing.

The aeroplane had to reach 1,000ft before landing with all the wheels on the ground to complete a cycle.

Hanson successfully made 39 cycles in the hour, beating the previous record of 36, held by the man who taught Hanson how to fly, Marcus Furniss.

With over 300 hours of flying experience and as a member of the High G Aerobatic Display Team, however, he believed his tally could have been higher.

“Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite what we had hoped for. Due to the wind direction, I couldn’t slow down as fast as I would have liked.

“On a clear day, I know I could have gone for 50,” he said.

As well as setting a new world record, Hanson raised nearly £1,000 for Pendleside Hospice, which aims to enhance the quality of life for people with life-limiting illnesses.

It is still possible to donate to Mark Hanson’s achievement.

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