What would you do if you had flown your light aircraft away to another airfield only to return to fly home and find you had technical issues?

Who would you call if you suffered a failure in flight which led to a successful field landing? What if you had to divert due to bad weather on your way home to an important family or work commitment?

Aero Recover Ltd has covered all of these scenarios by utilising a European-wide network of rental cars, trains, airlines and ferries that will ensure you and your passengers get home in the most expedient manner. They use a fully qualified Aero Engineer, to retrieve your aircraft and return it to your home airfield, or other location of your choice.

Director Adam Berrisford stated “I came up with the idea while planning my first Cross Channel trip to Le Touquet with my father. It occurred to me that if there was an issue with the aircraft in France I would be in quite a predicament so I tried looking around for some kind of cover. It didn’t exist and I thought surely I can’t be the only one that would want to protect myself in this manner?”

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