For all the turbulence below the surface, the impression of UK GA reflected by this year’s AeroExpo was one of business as usual — or even, in some cases, a bit more business than usual.

Certainly, good forecast and actual weather filled the car parks and there was no shortage of fly-in visitors braving the traditional Sywell crosswind.

Two star attractions trailed before the event were the Cessna JT-A and e-Go single-seat deregulated (SSDR) ultralight (which featured in Pilot’s February 2013 issue). The event also saw the UK debut of the Bristell fastback.

The turbulence mentioned earlier did manifest itself at Sywell in the form of the presentation made by CAA Complaints, a company formed with the stated intention of becoming ‘an independent overseeing body that will hold the CAA accountable, ensure transparency and impartiality’. This presentation can be seen online at

Meanwhile, top notch flying displays by the Trig team, Gerald Cooper and Guy Westgate, flying a Fox aerobatic glider, added just the right amount of aerial excitement without getting in the way of the many visitors who had chosen to fly in.

There really was too much to take in over the course of just one day and plenty of reasons to visit on two, or even all three days of this excellent event.

A full write-up of the show will be featured in our July edition, meanwhile you can click on the link at the top right to see a gallery of images.

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