An extensively & beautifully illustrated book telling the story of the Mission Aviation Fellowship’s history & activities

Above and Beyond – the illustrated story of Mission Aviation Fellowship suggested donation price £25. Large-format hardback, 256 pages, colour illustration

Published in celebration of 75 years of mission flying operations and dedicated to the memory of founder Stuart King, who died in 2020, Above and Beyond is an extensively – and beautifully – illustrated account of MAF’s history and activities. Many of the photos would not be out of place on the pages of National Geographic – they are that good.

Transforming the lives of isolated communities by delivering essential supplies, medicines and medical care, MAF claims today to fly to more destinations than any of the world’s largest airlines.

Published by the fellowship, this handsome book is a fine tribute to that good work. There is lots of information here and very nice, contemporary page helps present it with great impact and clarity. Covering historical aviation, the pilots who set up and work for MAF, the places they fly to and the people they serve, Above and Beyond will have broad appeal – and we would suggest purchasers err on the generous side in donating. PW

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