ABOVE: A screenshot of Flightpath’s website (taken 17 March 2023)

Students at Flightpath Flying Club, formerly based at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport, have filed nineteen different fraud cases against the school, for a total in excess of £50,000. The cases have been lodged with Action Fraud, the UK police unit tasked with investigating potentially fraudulent behaviour.

The students allege that the school (GBR.DTO-0272) has not delivered flight training that had been paid for, and that the school’s director orchestrated a scheme whereby he systematically received advance payments but then made excuses not to deliver training.

The school suddenly closed in early December 2022, and remains closed. Pilot has seen evidence of at least two County Court Judgments made against the school’s director for repayments due to students but not honoured.

After repeated attempts, the school replied for our request for clarification by saying: ‘The owners of the airfield terminated the property lease of Flightpath and its ability to operate. At that point the Company was legally required to suspend trading and financial transactions of any description according to professional advice received. The Company has been seeking a solution to this problem over the winter, with the hope to resolve matters very soon and prior to the start of the new flying season. Whether this means relocation, amalgamation, or permanent closure is still unknown. Until a solution is found everyone concerned is being kept up to date via emails, and continuity of flights for some customers has already been assured.

‘The Company is not aware of any County Court Judgements being awarded against it, and can only surmise that any such Judgements must have been entered by default, ie without a defence being received or considered. As we are sure you are aware, a report to Action Fraud does not confirm any wrong-doing nor would necessarily lead to any investigation.

‘The Company has been extremely grateful for the support and understanding of the vast majority of customers during this very difficult time. Everyone involved with Flightpath continues to work hard to find a resolution for all concerned all whilst managing resultant personal crises, and to try to ensure that no one loses out.’

Pilot contacted the owners of Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport, who pointed out that ‘the decision to terminate [Flightpath’s] lease was made following a number of warnings’ over disputed payments.