After getting your PPL you may be wondering what to do next. At these 8 great centres and clubs you could try your hand at aerobatics, night flying, formation flying and more

Anglian Flight Centres

01787 223676


Once you have achieved your PPL and taken all your friends and family flying you may begin to think “what now?” At ANGLIAN FLIGHT CENTRES they have a whole load of other ratings and courses that you can do to make you a better, safer and more confident pilot.

As well as the ratings for IR(R) and night they can offer you other exciting courses such as Aerobatics or The Advanced PPL where you are encouraged to make the most of your basic PPL licence and hone the skills you have learned. For those of you who fancy exploring the UK and Europe why not take the short farm strip course where they teach you to get into and out of those small grass farm strips and airfields.

Have you ever wanted to try and fly in formation with other aircraft? The ANGLIAN WAR BIRDS instructors are all highly trained formation pilots and can teach you the art of flying in close formation with another aircraft. If you are considering at some point becoming a commercial pilot then the airways experience and EFIS training course will give you a front seat experience in a glass cockpit aircraft.

For the real thrill seeker then ANGLAIN WAR BIRDS will guarantee to put a smile on your face. Whether it is aerobatics, conversion training or just a simple flight in a 1942 Harvard AT6 or Tiger Moth then this could be for you. Their 1944 cub is also the perfect aircraft to get your tailwheel difference completed in. So as you can see there is plenty more things you can do with your PPL licence, so get in touch with them and give it go.

The Tiger Club

01708 524633


Has your usual flying started to feel a little tame, and left you looking for a little extra excitement? Then look no further than the Tiger Club based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Essex.

The Tiger Club was founded in 1957 with the aim of encouraging all aspects of sport flying, including aerobatics, formation flying, air racing and display flying. The Tiger Club is owned and run by its members, it is a friendly place, largely staffed by volunteers, and they encourage everyone to get involved.

Why not try your hand at Tail Wheel training? They offer lessons in the Piper SuperCub and once you have Tail Wheel experience behind you, impress all of your friends and family by learning how to fly the historic 1930s two-seater Tiger Moth.

If that is still not enough excitement then why not try one of their aerobatics courses in the CAP10 or even one of the formation training courses in the Turbulent? Whichever training course you choose, all are designed to ultimately make you a better pilot and have a lot of fun in the process!

West London Aero Club

01628 823272

White Waltham Airfield is home of the West London Aero Club (WLAC) situated just three miles from the M4 (J8/9) and six miles from the M40 (J4) while Central London is only 35 miles away. White Waltham is reputedly the largest grass airfield in Britain and has a bar, restaurant and clubhouse for all budding pilots to enjoy.

You can take both the Instrument Rating (IR) and the Night Rating in their Piper PA28 Warrior, which will allow you to increase your skills and add flexibility when planning your future flying trips. Following on from this, you can go on to obtain the tail wheel rating in their Piper Supercub.

Should the Tail Wheel conversion not be adventurous enough, you can also take an aerobatic flight experience in a Pitts special. You will have the choice of how ‘mild or wild’ you would like your flight to be and once you have completed this exhilarating experience, they can help you with the AOPA basic Aerobatics course.

They also offer a safety pilot course, so your partner can land safely in an emergency. The eight-hour course covers everything from the effects of controls to climbing and descending. No tests are involved and no medical is required. WLAC offer numerous courses for you to obtain after the PPL and ultimately have a more enjoyable flying experience.

Altered Attitude Aerobatics


They offer the EASA Aerobatic Rating, Pitts Type conversions and aerobatic flight experiences using an immaculate example of the classic Pitts S2a Special aerobatic biplane, operated from Gloucestershire (Staverton) Airport.

They design tailored flying training for your specific requirements whether it’s a half-hour experience flight or full type conversion and coaching for competitions. The aircraft is available to hire for approved pilots.

The Pitts Special has set the standard in aerobatic flying since its introduction in the 1960s and even with the advent of monoplanes such as the Extra 300 it is still an ideal aircraft for aerobatic training and competition up to Advanced level. The light, compact airframe, powerful engine and responsive controls result in the feeling the pilot is “wearing” the aeroplane rather than just sitting in it.

Contact Paul Stanley or Roger Chamberlain. Both are aerobatic instructors and offer friendly advice to ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Jersey Aero Club

01534 743990 |


Jersey Aero Club has Post PPL training for those areas you may feel you need a little more instruction. There is the IRR course and a refresher course for lapsed IRR holders. Night instruction is available from end of October to end of March.

Not sure you want to complete the PPL yet?

They have trial lessons from half an hour to 1.5 hours duration and learn the basics packages of 2.5 hours or five hours.

Not comfortable flying over water? They can arrange cross channel check outs with their experienced instructors. If you have a specific need they will do their best to arrange it for you.

Skyhawk Aerobatics

+44(0)1883 723091 | +44(0)7711 747307

He may be a touch biased, but John Taylor of Skyhawk Aerobatics believes that aerobatics should be provided on the National Health, let alone be an immensely valuable add-on to anyone’s licence!

It is completely true: the recreational flyer and the professional operator stand to benefit from the enhanced spatial awareness that even basic aerobatic figures provide. John thinks the growing awareness of UPRT (Upset Recovery Training) amongst airline companies proves the point.

Regardless of age or experience, the “sport” of aerobatics is hugely rewarding and great fun. With a background of professional aerobatic flight over some thirty five years, John can certainly provide an immersive experience and a wealth of knowledge.

From typical Sunday afternoon Loops and Rolls to a complete one-to-one set of structured coaching flights, you can engage with Skyhawk Aerobatics in the art of solo aerobatics, formation flying skills and, more recently, close circuit pylon racing techniques

Booker Gliding Club | 01494 442501

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If you’re a PPL qualified pilot looking for a challenging and rewarding experience, why not try pushing your flying skills to new limits with Booker Gliding Club?

Every flight in one of their elegant gliders will present a fresh challenge as you learn to manage energy, speed and height by flying efficiently and reading the sky, finding thermals, ridge lift or wave. Discover graceful unpowered aerobatics, the ultimate art of energy management.

Test your cross-country skills by racing against fellow gliding fans, or join one of their expeditions to other gliding sites in Europe or the UK to experience all that gliding offers.

With their fleet of professionally maintained gliders, they offer a wide variety for pilots looking to explore their new-found passion for gliding.

Choices available include:

+ PPL to Sailplane Conversion

+ Upset Recovery Training

+ EASA Sailplane Towing Rating

+ EASA Sailplane Aerobatic Rating

+ EASA Sailplane Cloud Flying Rating

+ BGA and EASA Sailplane Instructor Ratings

Cotswold Flying School

07799608367 |

Cotswold Flying School is a corporate member of AOPA and can conduct the AOPA-approved Basic Aerobatic Course.

Tizi Hodson, BAeA Woman’s Aerobatic Competition winner in 1979 and 1980, is available for AOPA training with the CAP 10 aerobatic, two-seat, side by side trainer.

Come and try a single flight, with no obligation for the course, to decide if aerobatics is for you.


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