Whether you want to train on fixed-wing or flex-wing microlights, these great flying schools and centres will be able to provide just what you need

1) Wiltshire Microlight Club

Yatebury Field, nr Cherhill, Wiltshire, SN11 8HS | 07836 554554 | tonyhughes@wiltsmicrolights.com

The Wiltshire Microlight Club is a BMAA registered school operating from its privately owned airfield with fully qualified professional instructors who ensure your flying training is safe, progressive and great fun.

We offer a wide range of lessons and courses to suit all needs at very competitive prices.

Flexwing and standard 3-axis aircraft flights are the same price and can be in either air experience or trial lesson format.

You can choose the aircraft type and format when you arrive but both types of aircraft flights are subject to suitable weather conditions on the day.

2) Dragon Wings Sport Aviation

Dragon Wings Sport Aviation, Welshpool Airport, Powys, SY21 8SG | 07833684654 | dragonwingsmicro@aol.com


Dragon Wings Sport Aviation has been training for the National Private Pilots License Microlights since 2007.

Training is completed on the EV97 Eurostar and C42 aircraft from Welshpool Airport over the stunning countryside of the Welsh borders and Shropshire plains.

They have two full time instructors Nick and Jamie offering training tailored to the individuals needs. They also offer trial lesson gift vouchers as a one-off experience or the first step into the world of aviation.

For the best in aviation, call Nick on 07833684654 or email: dragonwingsmicro@aol.com to book a trial lesson.

3) Mid Anglia Microlights

Beccles Airport, Brock Rd, Beccles, NR34 7PJ | 07986 679060 | enquiries@mamicrolight.co.uk


Mid Anglia Microlights at Beccles Aerodrome covers the Anglia region for Air Experience and NPPL training to BMAA syllabus. Aircraft used to train on include the C42 and GT450.

Instructors include CFI, FI and FIE while there is also a ground school, RT courses and flight simulation.

Mid Anglia Microlights is a one stop for training, pilot supplies and examination. They can also provide follow on training or experience for navigation confidence.

Post licence fleet includes syndicated C42 & GTR for school trained and licensed pilots after conversion training. They have on-site maintenance and service of their own aircraft.

4) Over Farm Microlights

Gloucester and Toulouse | +0044 1452 414975 | +0044 7831 237353 | rob.keene@btinternet.com


Rob is available to teach microlight flying from Over Farm, Gloucester as well as near Toulouse, France, where the weather is generally more settled which makes learning much easier. Accommodation is available in France and in the UK, if required.

Wherever the training takes place, Rob encourages students to book a week’s course, as he feels that more progress is made when students focus their efforts entirely on flying for a week. Normally 10 hours flight training should be possible within a week, especially in Southern France.

The first thing to do is book a trial microlight lesson with Rob to see how you like the experience (recommended for those who are planning to learn to fly).

If you want to continue to learn, Rob will take you through a very thorough course, developed by the British Microlight Aircraft Association, and its experienced instructor’s panel.

5) Wanafly Airsports Ltd

Sywell Aerodrome, Jetstream House, Northampton, NN6 0BN | 07401 827669 | 07794 799916 | info@wanafly.co.uk


Wanafly Airsports, based at Sywell Aerodrome, which is one of the best training facilities in the UK, are a flight school, training on fixed wing and flex wing microlights.

The Wanafly Team are an experienced, friendly and supportive team with Dave Lord at the helm, who is a CAA qualified examiner, instructor and inspector.

Wanafly offer training for all from beginners through to advanced and will take you through ground school and all exams.

Their experience, knowledge and passion for the sport provides a great foundation for anyone wanting to learn to fly, or for those who wish to have an experience flight in a Microlight. They also offer gift vouchers and trial flights please contact them through the details above. They look forward to meeting, greeting or flying with you soon!

6) Alba Airsports

Hangar 1, Perth Airport, Scone, PH2 6PL | 07411 74 72 72 | kevin@alba-airsports.co.uk


Ever fancied learning to fly microlight aircraft? Why not try it out for the experience with Alba Airsports, or go all the way and train for your pilot’s licence (NPPL & PPLG).

With Alba Airsports you have a choice: you can choose from fixed wing microlight, flex wing microlight or gyrocopter. They pride themselves on being the only place in Scotland to offer all three types.

The best way to find out what flying is all about is to come along and have an introductory experience flight. You’ll be given a safety briefing and an overview of the aircraft controls and once securely seated, you and your instructor will take to the skies for the experience of a lifetime.

Explore the amazing Scottish Countryside while taking control of your chosen aircraft. Alba Airsports is the approved microlight and gyrocopter training providers for the Scottish Aero Club operating from their premises at Perth Airport.


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