These 6 great groundschools cover the important certifications you need to become a qualified pilot in the UK, including the PPL, ATPL & FRTOL

Linda Wheeler | | 01753 889652 or 07970 173014

Come along and enjoy your PPL(A) training in a professional but fun environment and leave with your exams passed.

In just 5 days, you will have completed all your PPL theoretical knowledge examinations and be ready to return to your flying school to complete your licence, without the stress and hassle of studying at home.

Linda Wheeler, is a PPL theory Instructor & Examiner and is a CAA approved training organisation (ATO) based near Denham Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire. Linda specialises in teaching small groups or providing one to one tuition, allowing every student to expect to achieve a good understanding of each subject and excellent exam results.

“My ethos is ‘simplify, don’t mystify’. My job is to make sure that students know all the information they need in order to be a safe and a qualified pilot. I can get students ready for those tough exams and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.”

Linda offers group or one-to-one tuition. For more information, refer to the information above.

Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training | | 01292 310968 | FacebookCaledonian’s Ground School is an opportunity to brush up on areas that are not best studied over a distance, or which need extra emphasis, or which may have changed at the last minute.

For example, PPL(H) holders typically will not have had exposure to autopilots, nav aids or EFIS. They also cover PPL – ATP for helicopters and aeroplanes.

In addition, it is also an opportunity to get used to the types of question being asked, and exam technique. They use their own notes, not those from any other source, in fact, other schools and organisations, such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Northern Lights College, Transport Canada and the Royal Air Force have used these notes.

They are also in the EASA and Transport Canada reference libraries. If you would like to look at some sample pages, you can download them from here.

Elstree Helicopters | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedInGround School goes virtual at Elstree Helicopters! Join us on Tuesday evenings for our FREE virtual ground school. Capt. White hosts these bi-weekly group sessions, guiding our flying family and extended community, step by step through the theoretical subjects. Previously face to face at the flying school with pizza, we now ask our attendees to meet in our virtual crew room. This online format attracts students, pilots and enthusiasts from across the UK and in some cases the globe.

Together with the classic nine topics, we also have our ‘Ground School Specials’. We are amazingly fortunate to regularly welcome guest speakers to share their experiences and knowledge with our cohort. From Air Traffic Controllers to Military personnel our guests are able to demonstrate how all that study is put into practise in the sky. We also have our ‘Ask the Instructor’ sessions aka PWQs and our lockdown favourite the PPL(H) Quiz Night!

With over 20 years of flight training experience, Capt White is able to deliver the syllabus in an enjoyable and easy to digest way for all, where the only silly question is the one you don’t ask. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting your flying journey, from beginner to PPL(H) and beyond our ground school is for you. To add your name to our ground school invitation list email

Looking for more bespoke tuition? Ground School is also available One-to-One either virtually or in the flying school. Watch a video here!

True Air Speed Training | | 07747 047686

Linda True has run a PPL Groundschool for over 20 years, specialising in one-to-one tuition at very reasonable rates.

She has a team of very experienced instructors (Ex RAF Nav Instructors, Airline pilots and PPLs with I/Rs) who work with her and they each have their own specialities, whether it be the Theoretical Knowledge Exams for the PPL, the IR(R)/IMC Rating, the Radio Licence (FRTOL) or the AGCS (Air/Ground Communications Service) for people who want to operate an airfield radio and train to become a airport Radio Operator. All the Examiners and Assessors are on staff and their ethos is to teach the subjects fully with safety being paramount.

There is excellent local accommodation, if required, and a restaurant called The Apron which is just wonderful – look it up on Tripadvisor! Linda True and her team, with their wealth of experience, look forward to meeting you at Gamston.

Pathway | | +44(0)1383 252001 and +44 (0)7899 903480 | Facebook

Pathway ( has well-proven courses that will maximise your ATPL potential. It gets results that are second to none. Industry leading reference materials (Padpilot) with inbuilt online progress tests are used together with very experienced instructors who are mainly ex-pilots. The course materials have been completely updated this year to the new syllabus requirements. Pathway has taken steps to ensure that its current EASA ATO approval and courses will remain valid after the UK CAA leaves EASA in Jan 21.

There is an established exam centre for both UK CAA and AustroControl exams on site.

Pathway offer residential, distance learning courses (including military fast track through ELCAS), licence conversions and ad-hoc instruction tailored to your needs. You follow a personalised study plan and KSA100 training and assessments are included in both full Residential and DL courses.

For all EASA ATOs, the mandatory introduction of knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA100) training and assessments in ATPL ground training is now a reality. Pathway has gained CAA/EASA approval for its KSA100 training approach and is already issuing Completion Certificates for this new training. These KSA Certificates will be needed in addition to just passing the 13 ATPL exams for future commercial licence applications in the UK and all EASA states. To meet this requirement, Pathway has widened the scope of its ATPL classroom training and introduced practical skills training using external simulator resources and assessment days involving team/individual exercises and mental maths.

Please see website for more details and to apply.

Bristol Groundschool | | 01275 340444 | Facebook | Twitter

Bristol Groundschool is a world leader in modular ATPL tuition for fixed wing and helicopter pilots. Their extensive and innovative suite of learning materials contains all the knowledge you need for success, allowing you to learn at your own pace and track your progress with ease. With the option for online tuition, you can choose to fit your studies around existing commitments too – no matter where you are in the world. Tune in every week for daily live webinars hosted by their expert instructors. Or fit your learning around other commitments, with access to over 200 hours of pre-recorded webinars covering every corner of the ATPL syllabus. Throughout your studies you will have full access to their instructors for support when you need it.

ATPdigital, their computer-based training programme, is enhanced with animated diagrams, video sequences and electronic tests. It works on or offline and will automatically synchronise across multiple platforms/devices enabling you to study anywhere. Their question bank, bgsonline, has over 15,000 fixed-wing and helicopter specific exam questions with detailed explanations. It is regularly updated from student feedback following their exams.

What students say:

“The new online training option is a great choice. It provides you with maximum flexibility to study around your family and work commitments and you don’t need to travel and incur those extra expenses.”

“The team do everything they can to give you the best chance of success.”

“The instructors are really professional and of the highest standard.” “The quality of training is superb.”

“The BGS online question bank is second to none.”

“It’s brilliant – Bristol Groundschool is an exam centre, it means the question bank and CBT is updated regularly following student feedback.”

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