Five essential pieces of GA technology and software, designed to make life easier and more efficient for pilots

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SkyDemon is designed to make VFR easier and more fun, by bringing all the briefing data you need together in an easy to digest way and minimising clutter, filtering out unnecessary information as much as possible. Packed full of features, but easy to use – whether planning your flight at home, or going flying with mobile device you get peerless situational awareness. The app is always under development; we are constantly looking for ways to improve clarity and save mental workload so that our users can focus on the joy of flying. Test SkyDemon for free for 30 days to discover how we can support your passion, and help you fly further with confidence.

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CloudBaseGA automatically updates Aircraft and Tech Logs at the end of each flight, eliminating administrative delays, avoiding missed engineering deadlines and maximising aircraft availability.

CloudBaseGA flight records are accurate to seconds, eliminating rounding errors and ensuring correctly valued invoices which are fundamental to commercial organisations’ profitability.

CloudBaseGA gives Front Desk, Admin, Engineering, Instructors, Owners and Pilots a comprehensive range of user configured functions tailored for Club/School Operations on an integrated platform, avoiding data preparation and distribution costs and accessible from anywhere. For organisations with no fixed base, CloudBaseGA AutoLog flight recording is game changing.

CloudBaseGA pricing is linked to aircraft flying activity making it affordable for private owners, flying groups and clubs and schools of all sizes and aligns its cost with your income.

The AutoLog unit is simple to install, the only connection to the aircraft system being a power supply for which an approved Minor Mod is available. Visit our website and see how to fly with CloudBaseGA.


Tel: +44 1932 821905

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Calling all experimental/amateur-built or light-sport aircraft owners

Are you the proud owner of an experimental/amateur-built or light-sport aircraft? Well, Bournemouth Avionics and Garmin can provide you with the perfect avionics package.

From a single electronic flight instrument to an autopilot servo, Garmin’s experimental avionics support a wide spectrum of possibilities. That means you create a system that perfectly fits your panel, your priorities, and your price range.

Bournemouth Avionics is proud to offer Garmin G3X/Experimental products at some of the cheapest prices around. So, whether you are looking to upgrade a panel, or you are in midst of an amateur build please take the time to check out our website or contact us direct. We will always attempt to give you the very best prices!


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Icom’s range of Airband handhelds and panel mount radios meet the latest regulations and complies to 8.33/25kHz channel spacing making them highly suited for GA pilots.

For Inflight Communications:

• IC-A25CE Portable VHF COM Transceiver – An easy to use handportable packed with features and a large LCD display, this transceiver is a great addition for inflight comms.

• IC-A25NE Portable VHF COM/NAV Transceiver – All the features of the IC-A25CE but with added navigation functions and Bluetooth to connect to headsets or other devices wirelessly.

• IC-A220T Panel Mount Transceiver – TSO/ETSO approved panel mount transceiver can be installed directly into an aircraft console. A bright white display, enhanced squelch control and a slim stylish design, is an attractive, easy to use and install transceiver for pilots.

All of these radios are now available to buy from your local Icom Airband dealer. For further information, contact our team.

Email: on

Tel: 01227 741741


ForeFlight’s award-winning portable receiver is now available in Europe! Enhance your inflight experience with one device and many safety features.

• Carbon Monoxide Sensor – Fly with greater peace of mind thanks to Sentry’s carbon monoxide sensor that delivers an audio and visual alert when CO concentration reaches hazardous levels.

• Reliable GPS Technology – See your aircraft position on ForeFlight’s moving map display.

• AHRS for Backup Attitude – Sentry delivers real-time pitch and bank in ForeFlight to power Synthetic Vision and provides a backup attitude display in case of panel failure.

• 12-hour Battery Life – Fly all day with a built-in battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

• ADS-B Traffic – View nearby ADS-B Out equipped traffic directly on the map, with audio and visual Traffic Alerts to warn you of close approaches.

Compact, portable, and easy to use! Visit to learn more and see where to purchase.


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