A round-up of five fabulous insurance & finance companies specialising in general aviation

Sydney Charles Aviation Insurance Brokers 

What’s happened in the aviation insurance market? The past 15 years have seen premium reductions in the insurance market. This was a result of too much insurance capacity and insurers offering lower premiums in order to maintain their market share. As a result, the previous 5 years have made a loss for the insurance companies.

2019 saw a large reduction in the market with 18 insurance companies withdrawing. This has caused insurance premiums to increase in order to get the market back to sustainable levels of premium.

Sydney Charles know the market and have the experience to navigate it. If you are insuring an aircraft, helicopter, glider or commercial fleet, our team has the expertise to assist you. We have exclusive insurance providers that cannot be accessed by other brokers, so please give us the opportunity to quote your renewal as we have options only available from Sydney Charles.

Contact : Vroni O’Brien | info@sydneycharlesaviation.co.uk



Visicover | Facebook

Established 9 years ago, Visicover has changed the way thousands of owners across Europe arrange their aircraft insurance, by providing an easy to use, web-based service that lets them buy and manage their cover online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our unique quote process enables you to initially select exactly what cover you want, from who will pilot the aircraft and for what purposes, to which types, and what level of cover you require. Once in force you can review your policy history online, check the cover currently held and even modify most aspects of your cover to meet your changing needs. We offer interest free payment by instalments, plus a 24 hour claims hotline should your need it.

We cater for a wide range of fixed wing / flex wing aircraft, helicopters and autogyros. We can also provide cover for a variety of different aircraft uses including ab-intio instruction, rental, display and aerobatics.

Visicover is available to aircraft owners in the UK, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Ireland.

So, to see if you could cut the cost of your aircraft insurance, why not visit our website.


FlyCovered | Twitter | Facebook | 10% Discount for Pilot readers using the code PILOT10

Our team has over 60+ years experience in insurance and IT. We have used this experience to develop FlyCovered and deliver 3 innovative insurance policies for aircraft owners including the first Pay As You Fly aviation policy. We offer a convenient way of buying and using insurance. Receive 3 quotes and get covered in 5 minutes, manage your policy online and our customer services team are available if you need any assistance.

Our policies are below, and you can find out more on our website.

Pay As You Fly: Only pay for the days you fly. The premium includes annual ground cover with 7 days in-flight cover to get you started. You then buy additional days at a fixed daily rate when you need them. No matter how many days you fly we guarantee you never pay more than the annual policy we quoted you.

Frequent Flyer: A traditional comprehensive annual aviation policy.

Ground Cover+: Annual ground cover with the option to purchase single in-flight days when needed.

Contact: info@flycovered.com | 0345 519 4678 



My New Aircraft | Facebook

Created BY a pilot FOR pilots to make flying more affordable & accessible. We arrange specialist finance for new and used aircraft. From microlights & classics to twins, helicopters and even jets, we can help

We understand aviation and bridge the gap between customer and underwriter. We are highly experienced in our field and have developed excellent relationships with our panel of lenders. We can have as little or as much involvement in the buying process as you like and are happy to work with you as a personal concierge service utilising our extensive network of contacts built up over time to help make the buying process easier.

With borrowing amounts from as little as £10,000, all of our products are in the form of CAA registered aircraft mortgages. We tailor bespoke finance packages, dealing with the main aircraft finance companies in the industry, meaning we can provide you with the product to best suit your requirements. Visit our website for more details.

Contact: 07775 353 531 | enquire@mynewaircraft.co.uk 



Paragon Bank | Facebook

Paragon’s Aviation team is led by Alison Jones, who has over 15 years’ experience in the aircraft financing business.

Paragon offer aviation finance for individuals and companies seeking to purchase new and used aircraft in the UK, refinance aircraft already mortgaged with other lenders, or release equity on aircraft owned outright.

Paragon will provide finance on general aviation aircraft, including fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, as well as business aviation aircraft, including turbo-prop aircraft and corporate jets, starting at a minimum finance amount of £100,000.

Facilities can be structured for a term of between one and seven years. They include capability for seasonal payments, flexible terms and can be tailored to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

Paragon Bank PLC is an award-winning specialist lender and part of Paragon Banking Group, a FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange, with more than 35 years of experience in lending.

Contact: Alison | 07884 664 614 | aviationfinance@paragonbank.co.uk









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