Graduates of the first year of training designed to prepare candidates for a career in commercial aviation have all found jobs in the sector.

The training, begun by Kura Aviation of Stratford-upon-Avon nine months ago, aims to bridge the gap between the end of regulatory training for aspiring commercial pilots and finding employment with the airlines. It is a ‘finishing school’ programme geared towards improving employment opportunities for the graduates as well as guaranteeing a certain level of quality to the employers.

The courses, which are undertaken in small classes and conducted by airline trainers, recruiters and current airline pilots, include advanced MCC/JOC, extensive airline preparation and employment assistance, all built on the competency-based philosophy of an MPL. The training can be undertaken in stages and the full programme includes modules on:

– MCC/JOC (including 48 hours of type rating preparation training on an A320 or B737 simulator)

– Pilot Fundamentals

– Advanced Airline Preparation

– Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (optional but mandated by some airline partners)

– Airline Interview Preparation

– Employment Assistance

– Performance Guarantee on Type Rating

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