ABOVE: The consultation was launched to improve aviation regulations following Brexit (shown is an old CAA EASA document)

In what it describes as a ‘once in a generation’ event, the UK CAA is launching a consultation on how to ‘simplify the current general aviation pilot licensing and training regulation’. This follows a request made by the GA community during a 2020 consultation on opportunities for regulation improvements post-EU exit.

The CAA has concluded that an overhaul of the current system is possible and that there should be a more straightforward and integrated set of licences. In a Skywise email, the authority said: ‘If you are involved in GA in any capacity, we would like to hear from you. You may be a pilot, an instructor, a pilot in training, running a flying school or have any GA licence from the CAA. If so, we would ask you to read and respond to this consultation and help shape the future of UK GA flying.” Further details can be found on the CAA website (www.caa.co.uk).