ABOVE: Described as ‘Scotland’s premier flight school’, Tayside Aviation provided flight training for over 53 years 

Dundee-based flight school Tayside Aviation Limited has ceased trading, with 22 of the company’s 25 employees now made redundant. However, help may be at hand for affected trainees, with various organisations making offers to assist stranded students.

Joint administrators Geoff Jacobs and Blair Nimmo – who purchased the school in December 2021 – had been advised by the previous owner of a “significant liability” for prepaid flying courses, which adversely affected the school’s ability to generate income from new sales. Despite an investment of £1.5m in addition to the purchase price, ultimately cashflow pressures proved insurmountable and the company was placed into administration on 20 April 2023.

The Scottish school was founded in 1968 and provided more than half a century of flight training across both PPL and commercial syllabuses. It also delivered the RAF Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS) for over 30 years; a programme sponsored by the RAF as one of the “amazing experiences offered by the Air Cadet Organisation” and described by the training prover as “the important first step in flying solo”.

However, Bristol Groundschool (BGS) and modular pilot support community Wings Alliance have both stepped in to offer their support to students left stranded part-way through their courses. Describing the situation as “shocking”, chairman of Wings Alliance and founder of BGS announced Bristol Groundschool’s offer to complete ATPL theory training for any Tayside students free of chance (exclusive of CAA exam fees). Affected students are also advised to contact info@wingsalliance.eu for further information.

Goodwood-based Upset Recovery training company Ultimate High have also announced “materially discounted” courses to affected student pilots, who can apply to info@ultimatehigh.co.uk to discuss their situation.