TUI Airways has announced the details of its new TUI Airline Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Cadet Programme. Successful cadets will start training in September 2023 and the course is expected to take around nineteen months. The programme delivers Four phases of training, with successful completion resulting in a job offer to fly Boeing 737s as a Cadet Pilot. Earning over £32,000 for the first four years, cadet pilots will repay training costs via a salary deduction.

Applicants will have to pass a rigorous five-stage selection process which includes a CV check, online assessments, a one-way digital interview, an in-person assessment day and, finally, a flying test in a light aircraft. The programme begins with remote studying for the theoretical knowledge required to pass the fourteen ATPL examinations, followed by around sixty hours of basic flying training in Robin DR401 aircraft from Gloucestershire Airport. Around three hours of upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) will be part of this, flown in a CAP10. In Phase three, cadets complete 270 hours of simulator training in a Boeing 737 simulator, also at Gloucestershire airport. The final phase consists of ‘TUI Immersion Training’.

On their MPL Cadet Programme webpage, TUI state it expects the only financial outlay for successful candidates to be the cost of their Class 1 medical, personal travel and food and personal living expenses. All equipment, uniform, exam fees, accommodation and training costs will be met by TUI. Successful applicants will therefore have the opportunity to land a pilot job with a major airline with no upfront financial commitment. This is a fantastic opportunity, and, unsurprisingly, as Pilot was going to press TUI posted on its web site “that due to a very high volume of applications for this role, it has been temporarily closed. We anticipate that the role will re-open in approximately six weeks’ time.”