An amazing upgrade to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2002 that will keep users intrigued and busy for many hours.

Flying is as real as it can get! A bold statement perhaps, but as far as navigating around the British Isles, it couldn’t get any more real than this. Developers Visual Flight and the Millennium Aerial Photographers Getmapping have produced an outstanding add-on to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2002 that brings unrivalled realism to computer based flying. They have created the most comprehensive and detailed aerial photo survey covering the entire UK, and known as the Millennium Map. These photographs have been converted for use by Flight Simulator 2002 with the result that pilots can fly accurate cross country trips by reading an aeronautical chart and locating features on the ground as they would appear in the real world. Every town, village, even isolated communities are rendered along with highways, railways and rivers. The scenery does have its limitations however, and with a project of this magnitude pilots may have to forgive the fact that there are two Humber bridges, or that prominent features over London may not appear as 3D objects. There are no seasonal variations and night flying textures are not included since this would more than double the size of the existing data….more information available to subscribed users, including screen shots.