Capturing the spirit of flying a particular aircraft is often a difficult task given the limitations of Flight Simulator, but Dreamfleet have strived to achieve this with the popular Cessna 310.


Users familiar with the Dreamfleet and flight One brand will know that their previous add-on software has gained a reputation for producing some of the most stunning and visually enhanced aircraft recreations available. The pilot review team have an opportunity to test their recently released Cessna 310L available for Microsoft’s new flight sim 2004 – and this program promises to be every bit as good as their previous releases.

The three-ten is fast, sleek and one good looking lady and often described as a pilots dream to fly. Developed during the early fifties, the three-ten found popularity as a small business aircraft, and soon became a common sight among flying clubs and private owners. The earliest models had straight tails, accommodation for four and 240 hp engines. Through the decades, Cessna changed the three-ten considerably. A bigger cabin – room for six, more powerful engines and greater range with the addition of extra fuel tanks. Production ceased in 1980 with the Cessna 310R, bringing another Cessna success story to an end. The 310L were produced for 1967 and saw 208 units sold. The aircraft still remains a desirable, high performance light twin today.

The program is available as a download from Flight One’s website, and before the installation can begin, users will need to input several sets of verification data