British Airports is a significant upgrade to Microsoft’s Flight Sim 2002. GA airfields, regional and international airports are re-modelled with accuracy that surpasses any other add-on. Added features give this program great entertainment value.

One thing Microsoft have omitted from their latest flight simulator is convincing landscape scenery, and any form of GA airfield character, pertaining to flight in the British Isles. Most consist of a single runway; some with generic buildings vaguely resembling hangars and occasionally pilots would see a control tower – the type often seen at a major airport! No taxiways, no signal square and no club house. All the features associated with a typical British club airfield seem to have been forgotten. Of course, to populate every airfield in Microsoft’s world would be a massive undertaking, which is why they have released the SDK (software developers kit).

The SDK is a series of modules giving programmers and designers the opportunity to create add-on programs to enhance and expand the flight simulator environment. One such designer, Gary Summons, has created an upgrade that significantly improves the British airfield Scenery giving pilots a sense of flying to somewhere they would instantly recognise. He has painstakingly recreated every airport and airfield from East Anglia, the South and Southwest and the Midlands extending North to Nottingham. There are Four volumes in the series – released by software publishers Just Flight – entitled “British Airports”.