Your aircraft’s Owner Trustee is responsible for creating and maintaining a legal, valid trust and a registration that’s fully compliant with FAA regulations. Here are seven things to consider before you make your choice.

An Owner Trust is an entity that allows non ¬U.S. citizens to register their aircraft in the United States.

When the time comes to choose your aircraft’s Owner Trustee, it pays to be discerning. A quick Google search will yield many companies that are eager for your business. As pilots you must ensure that your Owner Trustee has a long record of valid trusts and registrations that comply with state laws and FAA regulations. Before making any decisions, consider these seven things:

1) The FAA doesn’t verify the legal authority of Owner Trustee entities.

2) The word “trust” in a company’s name doesn’t indicate legal authority to form trusts.

3) A valid registration can only result from a legitimate trust.

4) How long have they been in business?

5) How many aircraft have they registered with the FAA?

6) Do they have a reputation for trusts that withstand legal scrutiny?

7) Can they provide documentation of state ¬granted Trustee authority?

Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC) was founded on the core principle that all aircraft owners are different, and they have been serving pilots and other small ¬aircraft owners with this in mind since 1990.

They have helped aircraft owners from 160 countries register more than 2,000 aircraft titles in the United States. With an exemplary compliance record and a reputation for outstanding service they are a leader in the industry.

With offices located at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Centre – also home to the FAA’s registration branch – AGC staff have daily contact with its staff and access to the agency’s resources.

Their team of legal, financial, and regulatory specialists bring a wealth of expertise to every trustee relationship so pilots can rest assured that AGC documents withstand rigorous scrutiny. Customers have access to a global network of agents available 24 hours a day, every day and on staff experts create a simple and straightforward registration process with small aircraft owners in mind.

Why choose N-registration?

• An airworthiness certificate with no expiration date

• A sensible parts replacement schedule make it easier and more affordable to stay airworthy and compliant

• FAA regulations allow pilots greater freedom to perform maintenance on their own aircraft, and to buy parts from U.S. dealers

• A larger resale market and greater anonymity of ownership are other reasons aircraft owners decide to register in the United States

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