A highly realsitic rendition of the Piper Archers cockpit. Every switch, dial, lever and even an ignition key are all in the positions you would expect to find them on the real plane.


From Dream Fleet comes Piper Archer II, their latest add-on title for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Moulded from the Cherokee line of light aircraft the Piper Archer evolved in the Early 80’s to become one of the most popular touring and training aircraft used by flying clubs across the world. With this add-on Dream Fleet have attempted to replicate the look and feel of flying the Archer and of course the question is have they achieved this? There will always be a differing opinion on flight simulated aircraft making the grade in authenticity, but when put to the test at a local flying club recently the consensus of opinion was a resounding yes.


The panel is replicated right down to the last screw. Every gauge, switch, dial, indicator – it’s all there. Each lever, switch and even the ignition key is all fully functional and selected by using the mouse. Pilots will need to follow the start up procedure as in a real Archer – throttle set, mixture rich, even a couple of primes may be required and don’t forget to turn on the fuel.