The most significant recent upgrade to X-Plane . The Millenium Map Company, Get Mapping and software developers Circle Software, are working to provide the X-Plane Flight Sim a credible VFR environment.


Circle Software and Getmapping plc are proud to announce the forthcoming England & Wales VFR Photographic Scenery for X-Plane 6.70 and X-Plane 7.10 and above. Following the highly acclaimed England & Wales VFR Photographic Scenery for FS2002/FS2004 created by Visual Flight, we have used the detailed Millennium Map and the NEXTMap Britain elevation data from Getmapping plc to produce a unique scenery product for X-Plane.

Some highlights of the X-Plane England & Wales VFR Scenery include:

1. Over 150,000 square km of terrain – full coverage of England and Wales in three volumes

2. True photographic scenery using Getmapping plc’s Millennium Map aerial photography

3. Photographic Terrain Resolution upto 4m per pixel

4. Accurate Digital Elevation Model created using radar technology based upon the just released NEXTMap Britain elevation data

5. Runways and Airstrips accurately aligned with the aerial photographs

6. Generic Night Lighting accurately placed based upon Urban Area Classification from the Global Land Cover Characterization Database Version 2.


The X-Plane England & Wales VFR Scenery uses true aerial photography to cover every square kilometer of terrain. Each of the three volumes covers approximately 50,000 square km – never before has a scenery product of this quality and geographic accuracy been made available for X-Plane.