ABOVE: Passengers can now pay to fly in ex-military jets like this BAC Strikemaster

Revenue-generating passenger flights in ex-military jet aircraft are now approved by the UK CAA. The Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent (SSAC) is a CAA-approved risk analysis framework designed to allow ex-military aircraft to operate in a revenue-generating environment. After an extensive consultation process which took place last year, a ‘Class 5’ category (which covers passenger flight) has been added, allowing flights to commence.

Several companies are already planning to offer such experiences, and Aero Legends, which has been operating flights in Spitfires under the auspices of SSAC for many years, has already confirmed that ‘jet fighter’ experiences will start in April 2023 from its base at North Weald Airfield.

‘We are privileged to be the first operator providing experiences under the revised SSAC framework,’ said a statement from Aero Legends. ‘Members of the public can now experience outstanding and significant ex-military jet aircraft.’

‘In late 2022, we opened the calendar for passenger flights in the iconic BAC Strikemaster. We are now looking forward to flying those who have already secured their flying date. Those who are ready to be a fighter pilot for the day but haven’t yet booked, can now do so with confidence.’