ABOVE: Each Hangar Home at Enniskillen will also have access to Lough Erne (top left) via a private slipway

Hangar Homes boss Peter Day recently signed an Option Agreement with the owner of the land adjacent to Enniskillen Airport in Northern Ireland to purchase the site for the proposed Enniskillen Aeropark, subject to obtaining planning permission. Peter told Pilothe is confident permission will be granted, leading to Enniskillen potentially becoming the first Aeropark in the UK.

Because Enniskillen Airport is in one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland and the local economy is based on tourism, these Hangar Homes are suited to be used as holiday homes for pilots and their families, who could also rent them out short- term to other pilots and their guests.

In addition to roadside and airside access, each Hangar Home will also have access to Lough Erne via a private slipway for boating, fishing and even golf on the other side of the lake.