NORTH COATES – United Kingdom

Operated by North Coates Flying Club.

RUNWAY : 23/05 660mtr grass  RADIO :  North Coates Radio120.15 A/G

PHONE     : 01472 388850  or  01652 618808 out of hours

FUEL         : NONE


IMPORTANT : Donna Nook Range is immediately adjacent and radio contact with them on 122.75 is essential during range hours. (Weekdays and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from September to May) PPR essential.


The airfield is an old RAF Bloodhound site which also saw distinguished service in WW2 as home to the Beaufighter Strike Wing.  Most of the airfield is being returned to agriculture and the club has only a small part of the old field with one hangar. The concrete runway is being dug up and is unusable and a grass runway has been laid to the north of the concrete.  When the concrete has been removed in about 3 years we will create a further grass runway of about 900 meters.





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