ABOVE: Flying instructor Bethan Haley has ambitious plans for North Moor airfield, including building a club house in the near future

In a rare good-news story of an airfield being developed as an airfield, North Moor Airfield in North Lincolnshire has new owners, and ambitious plans. When flying instructor Bethan Haley’s family bought a house with an airfield attached, it seemed only logical that she should run it.

The airfield reopened under its new owners officially on 8 October, and since then Bethan has been working hard to welcome visitors. She has already made several improvements, including cutting the grass on the runways and reducing the height of hedges adjoining the airfield. Bethan is planning on having a club house built in the near future, and in the meantime has partnered with a local independent business that sells fresh teas and cakes to the airfield.

Bethan told Pilot ‘‘It is fantastic having the opportunity to develop an airfield and see it grow strength by strength in such a short period of time. I pride myself on supporting local business and this is something I am passionate about continuing in the future. Come down to North Moor and see the airfield and model club we have on site!”