ABOVE: For operational reasons, the runway that seems the most appropriate may not be the active one at Bicester

Having operated on the SafetyCom frequency of 135.480 for several years, the historic airfield of Bicester in Oxfordshire now has its own dedicated frequency. From 1 January 2023, Bicester should be contacted on 118.390, the callsign ‘Bicester Traffic’ remains the same. The differing circuits (for noise abatement purposes) should also be noted, and it is important to realise that for operational reasons the runway that seems the most appropriate when referenced to the windsock, may not actually be the active. Runways 16/34 are preferential for utilisation, at the discretion of the aircraft commander, for most aircraft types in weather conditions up to 10 knots of crosswind. This is primarily because the EFATO options (and particularly from R24) are distinctly limited due to the proximity of built-up areas.

At any greater wind speed Runway 06/24 becomes favourable, with improved into wind take-off and climb gradients being achieved. PPR is mandatory.