How air-brained are you? Test your general aviation knowledge on matters including safety, history, training or anything related to flying! Compiled by James Allan

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1 b

2 b

3 c, d and f

4 c

5 c ‘Roger’ only means “I have received all of your last transmission”

6 e None of the above. Relative Humidity is not defined in the International Standard Atmosphere

7 d The airliners are Baade 152s being manufactured by VEB Flugzeugwerke in Dresden, at that time in the DDR. Only three aircraft of the unsuccessful Baade 152 design were completed and only two ever flew, one of which crashed

8 c In UK latitudes, the HI (gyroscopic compass) should be realigned with the magnetic compass to correct for drift at intervals of no more than approximately fifteen minutes

9 a Durham Tees Valley Airport

b Newquay Airport

c Norwich International Airport

d Enniskillen Airport

10 c

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