How air-brained are you? Test your general aviation knowledge on matters including safety, history, training or anything related to flying! Compiled by James Allan

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1 c As the airspeed decreases, induced drag increases. Below the airspeed for best lift¬to¬drag ratio (‘best L/D speed’), the increase in induced drag is greater than the decrease in parasite drag

2 a Rain on a windscreen can create the illusion of greater height (and atmospheric haze can lead to the illusion of being at a greater distance from the runway). Any pilot failing to recognise these illusions is liable to fly a lower approach

3 a

4 b John Menzies started in 1833 as an Edinburgh bookshop which published Oliver Twist in monthly instalments during 1837

5 d The CAA specifies 7nm although ICAO calls for only 6nm

6 d

7 c An experimental Travel Air 2000 powered by a Besler 150hp steam engine flew several times in 1933 from Oakland Airport in California

8 d

9 d

10 b

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