How air-brained are you? Test your general aviation knowledge on matters including safety, history, training or anything related to flying! Compiled by James Allan

Full explanations of some of the answers are detailed below the quiz…

1 b since not many light aircraft are fitted with a Cockpit Voice Recorder

2 d ATC occasionally (though rarely) loses track of an aircraft like this, sometimes when there has been a change of controller in the Tower. After you call, you will usually receive an immediate takeoff clearance and probably an apology as well.

3 d 1 metre = 3.281 feet)

4 b

5 b Interference Drag is produced by the mixing of airflows between airframe components such as the wing and the fuselage or the landing gear strut and the fuselage

6 d The Viking was based on the Vickers Wellington bomber in which the main-spar ran through the bomb-bay and so the Viking’s spar ran through the passenger cabin of the airliner forcing the poor air hostesses (as female cabin crew were then called) to clamber awkwardly across it even when carrying trays; no trolleys in those days.

7 d Many pilots and passengers survive engine failure accidents when the aircraft is flown under control right to the ground. Far more are killed when the

aircraft stalls before it impacts the ground)

8 a

9 b

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