Goodwood-based Ultimate High flew its 30,000th guest this autumn. The UK’s provider of high-adrenalin
flight experiences flew a husband-and-wife who were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. In an interesting twist on traditional anniversary celebrations, the couple enjoyed flying some basic aerobatic manoeuvres and then tried to shoot each other down in a simulated dogfight.

Husband Jamie reported that he had a great time and joked: “the prospect of shooting my wife down to celebrate our anniversary was just too good to turn down!” However, wife Pip may have had the last laugh, as she claimed to have shot Jamie down three times.

Pip’s pilot and Ultimate High’s CEO Mark ‘Greeners’ Greenfield commented: “I’m so proud that we’ve reached 30,000 guests. It’s taken us twenty-one years to get to this milestone – and with another seven pilots coming onboard in the last six months, the next 30,000 will take a lot less time!”

PHOTO: via Ultimate High