Many adventurers seek remote destinations away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We’ve accumulated a list of six stunning destinations so remote; you can only reach them by aircraft.

1. Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Lady Elliot Island is the ideal destination if you are in search of crystal clear waters and over 1,200 species of marine life. Located 80km north- east of Bundaberg, you can only reach this picturesque island by chartered aircraft or your own private plane. At a mere 100 square acres in size, you can successfully walk around the whole island in under one hour- leaving you with the rest of the day to unwind in glorious sunshine.

Lady Elliot Island Landing Strip:

Latitude/Longitude: -24.116667/152.7

Runway: 17/35 & 1,755ft

Surface: Grass

2. Rainbow Bay, Alaska

With a 180 mile journey to the nearest major road, Rainbow Bay is so remote there is no fixed address and it is only accessible by flying into Pedro Bay- a public use airport. Make sure you have a camera ready for the breathtaking views across the snow covered Alaska Range on route. The bay is situated on the Iliamna Lake- the largest lake in Alaska. A great location for hunting and hiking, the lake is also a popular destination for keen fisherman. You might make trip to Rainbow Bay, where Angry Eagle offers what are said to be some of the best fishing lodges in North America

Pedro Bay Airport:

Latitude/Longitude: 59.7822/ 154.1325

Runway: 9/27 & 3,002ft

Surface: Gravel

3. The Galápagos Islands

Described as a living museum and showcase of evolution by UNESCO, the Galápagos Islands are the most famous wildlife watching havens in the world. Located 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian coast, there are 127 islands in total of which only two have airports (Baltra and San Christobal). However if you are flying by private plane you can only fly to Baltra airport. Keep an eye out for the giant tortoises and yellow land iguanas that frequent the islands.

Baltra Airport:

Latitude/Longitude: -0.47245/-90.28723

Runway: 14/32 & 7,876ft

Surface: Hard

4. Nauru

Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation (10,000 inhabitants), and the most unvisited country in the world. This comes as no surprise as the national airline, fondly named ‘Our Airline’, only flies twice a week- but you can reach Nauru by private plane. If you plan your trip carefully there are miles of untouched white sandy beaches to explore and for history experts, discover the remnants of Japan’s Second World War occupation scattered across the island.

Nauru Airport:

Latitude/Longitude: -0.55/166.92

Runway: 12/30 & 7,054ft

Surface: Hard

5. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Getting to Ittoqqortoormiit is described as an adventure in itself as you can only catch a flight here once or twice a week. However it is well worth the effort if you wish to see the beauty of the Northern Lights or observe the charming nature of the Polar bears living here. Kayaking, dog sledding, hunting and fishing are many of the other activities you can do in this spectacular destination.

Ittoqqortoormiit Landing Strip:

Latitude/Longitude: 70.4903/21.9991

Runway: 18/36 & 3,281 ft

Surface: Gravel

6. The Skeleton Coast, Namibia

The Skeleton Coast resembles a scene from a fantasist novel; there are scattered ship wrecks and strewed skeletons of numerous marine life lying across desolate shores. The Bushmen of Namibia call the region ‘The Land God made in Anger!’ however do not allow this sobriquet to deceive you- the Skeleton Coast is one of the most stunning flying experiences available in southern Africa. Only 800 people are allowed to visit the spectacular region annually and this remote location is only accessible by organised safari plane.

Skeleton Coast:

Latitude/Longitude: -20.96313990/14.1335850

Runway: 33/15

Surface: Hard sand

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