Quite possibly one of the best examples of the aircraft, this 80% scale replica only has 30 hours on it

It is probably the best example at least in the UK . It has only about 30 hours on it. I have only flown it once.

The test pilot says it flies beautifully. It has fake cannons, fake underwing radiators, and approved vintage RAF markings and colour scheme. I especially had radar ground proximity verbal warning fitted in case undercarriage not deployed when close to the ground.

It is offered with new 12 month permit.

It has a Jabiru 180HP engine . Constant speed MT prop. Radio, transponder, flaps, second tandem seat.

– Supermarine Spitfire Mk26 80% Scale Replica

– 2 Seats

– 30 hours from new. Fitted with a Jabiru 8 cylinder engine.

– MT 3 blade constant speed prop.

– Bendix King KY97A TSO Radio

– Garmin GTX320A Transponder

– Skyforce GPS

CONTACT Paul Fowler current Spitfire agent for demo skipper@enstoneflyingclub.co.uk 01608 678204

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