The house is built within a hangar that can easily accommodate 3 or 4 Cessna 172s, allowing you to walk straight to your plane from your home

Our property is in Gajoubert which is halfway between Limoges and Poitiers in France. Gajoubert is a small commune with a population of 180.

We have around six acres of land on a private airfield. The airfield and 700 metres asphalt runway is owned by our next door neighbour. They are responsible for the maintenance of the runway and we pay a nominal yearly fee. We have access to the runway via a taxiway which is only for our use and the access is for life as per contract.

We have built a 450 sq.m hangar and 300 sq.m house. Within the hangar we have built a 50 sq.m apartment which is very comfortable and habitable. This means as you step out of the apartment you walk straight to your plane in the hangar. You can easily park 3 or 4 Cessnas 172 or PA28s in the hangar. You can park 5 to 7 planes outside the hangar.

We also have full planning permission for another house on our land. We have already installed the water supply and septic tank for that house. Please find attached some photos of the apartment, house, hangar, land, taxiway and runway. In one of the photos I have highlighted our land and taxiway in green.

In blue is the road leading to our front gate. In one of the photos you can see the road which is tree lined. We are fortunate as the mayor has deliberately made the road a cul-de-sac (no through road) making it virtually a private road for us.

Our land is surrounded by oak trees (+ or – 100 years old) that belong to us. Under these trees you can pick some of the best mushrooms in France.

In respect of the weather, we are fortunate as it is fairly good weather all year round. For example, in January/February this year, I did ten hours of flying. Given our location, you can easily fly to the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries.

There are no restrictions around the airfield. You can land and take off as many times as you wish, and your pilot friends can fly to visit you in their planes without having to worry about landing or parking fees. In fact our mayor and inhabitants of our village are all very enthusiastic about flying, and even encourage us to fly over their houses for fun.

1. It is very safe and secure in our area. For example two years ago, we went on holidays for two weeks to the USA, and I forgot to lock the front door. When we came back our postman (Gaston) has left our post on the table in our apartment and we did not lose anything.

2. Our mayor who is very pro-aviation is very friendly and helpful. He is always available to support you and will give you his personal mobile phone number for contact whenever you need him. I have always maintained that he is the best mayor in France.

3. In one of the photos a friend of mine landed his helicopter on our taxiway and we went for a flight together. In fact our land is big enough for a helicopter to land at the back of our house.

4. The reason for sale is our move to Spain to be near my wife’s mother who has sadly lost her husband. We have to be with her to offer as much support as possible. If it was not for that reason, we are very happy to stay here.

5. Our pilot friends who have visited us mentioned that we are in a pilot paradise


6. For further details please contact Esteban on: Tel. 0033628581379 or email:

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