Complete ELITE PCATO GV 8 Flight Simulator (single and twin engine aircraft) for sale with plenty of extras included

Complete ELITE PCATO GV 8 Flight Simulator (single and twin engine aircraft) looking for a new home.

Many extras in a combined package for sale, including 4 screens, separate Instructors station, custom build pilot’s seat pedestal with adjustable rudder pedals position and pilot’s seat, dedicated Computer. Instructor station (twin 19” monitors) has key board, mouse and brand new printer on a moveable work station for separate control and monitoring.

12 Aircraft Simulated with ability to change functions in their instrumentation e.g. DG / HSI / GPS options. Full autopilot features including approach modes. Large range of malfunctions including engine and instrumentation (for practising single ending operations or limited panel). All weather features, e.g. wind, cloud etc can be controlled. Includes separate aircraft Intercom box and headsets for 2 way comms between pilot and instructor.

* Piper Archer III

* Piper Arrow IV

* Baron 58

* Bonanza A36

* C172R

* C182S

* C182RG

* C182R

* Mooney MJ20J

* Seneca III

* TB-10

* TB-20

Elite Pro panel, Elite Avionics Tower, Elite Rudder pedals with toe brakes and Original Elite software discs.

21” Hi Definition main pilots screen, with additional Map display screen (training / monitoring flight path)

2 19” Screens on a separate Instructors Station for full control and monitoring.

Used only at home for practising IFR flying to prepare for and maintain IR and IMC ratings. Buyer to collect on payment from West Sussex.

Price £3750 the lot (will not split)

Contact: Brian Joseph Bradley – or 07973 132112

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