Classic fast four-seat tourer, good field performer with generous rear seats and a good weight lifter.

Well known for its excellent handling qualities derived from the Klemm Kl 107. 180hp Lycoming 0-360 A1A 270 hours since

Lycoming factory overhaul to new spec, cs prop, 2 Com, VOR, Xp, GPS, Nav lights, pitot heat, EPIRB.

Built 1964, 2680 hours, excellent always hangared airframe, grey leather upholstery.

Handbook empty weight 1575 lbs, Fuel and oil 310lbs, Luggage 80 lbs, 4 Occupants 680 lbs, Max Gross Weight 2650 lbs.

Biggin Hill. £28,000

07884 268599

01622 766294 eve

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