1/20 Share for sale in a PA28-140 Cherokee; beautifully maintained by a friendly group and hangered at Old Buckenham

G-AVWA is a classic PA28-140 Cherokee.

This lovely aircraft is owned and managed as SFG Ltd by its members.

She is well equipped with a Garmin Mode S transponder, Garmin 8.33 Nav/Com radio, VOR, ADF and Pilot Aware ‘Rosetta’.

The aircraft is always maintained to a high standard and is kept hangered at Old Buckenham.

The airfield is conveniently situated between Norwich and Thetford with easy access from the A11.

Bookings are made online with great availability. SFG is a long-established group of 20 pilots from a range of backgrounds.

The group is very friendly and several of the pilots fly together to enhance the flying fun.

Group finances are excellent with a healthy bank balance and engine fund.

The group normally requires pilots to be current licence holders with a minimum of 100 hrs total time, but those with less experience or who need to revalidate their licence can be considered.

Monthly rate: £75, Flying rate currently: £88 (per tacho hour wet). Share price: £1,200.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Julian Campbell on 01638 717337 or 07540 112801 or Malcolm Wood on 07710 762588 or 01362 687645.

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