ABOVE: TUI is one of the airlines that would be moving out of Doncaster after many years of operations

Speaking to the BBC, the British Prime Minister Liz Truss said that she will work to save Doncaster Sheffield Airport from closure. Earlier this week, the owner of the aerodrome, Peel Group, had said that the site would be closing.

The recent developments are taking place as local civic leaders in South Yorkshire fight to keep the airport open, Before Peel Group’s announcement, South Yorkshire’s mayor Oliver Coppard was actively searching for a new investor for the airport. Announcing his plan, Coppard had said: “We launched our own search for potential operators and investors in the site, and we’ve found a strong and credible proposition which requires serious consideration. This is no guarantee, but it is a significant step forward”.

Doncaster’s mayor Ros Jones had also said there was “strong market interest”, with one “extremely serious proposition”. According to the mayor, the airport supports over 2,700 jobs in the wider economy.

Image: Boeing