LEA adds two more Citation Mustangs to fleet

G-LEAA and G-LEAB this week join G-LEAI, the company’s first Mustang which entered service in February. A further two Mustangs will be added within the next fortnight, with five more arriving in the next 12 months. The February introduction of G-LEAI made LEA the UK’s first Mustang  air taxi operator.  This month’s additions mean that LEA is not only the UK’s first Mustang fleet operator, but for the coming year will be one of the only European VLJ charter operators of any scale, giving the company an important first-mover advantage.  Once LEA’s remaining aircraft are delivered the company will be one of the largest Mustang operators in Europe. G-LEAA is to be based at Luton and G-LEAB at Stansted, while the next two Mustangs will be based at Luton and Biggin Hill.  Together with G-LEAI at Farnborough, this ensures that LEA has coverage for the four ‘corners’ of London, with aircraft positioning to London City and Northolt as required.