Italian company establishes presence in Spain

Italian aircraft manufacturer, Tecnam has built 2,500 of its Rotax-powered, aluminium two-seaters. It has now purchased the Spanish company Composite Air Group and its factory, though not the rights to the CAG Toxo, which will now be made in Mexico. Tecnam has orders for 60 of its Rotax-powered twins to fulfil and the Spanish market is an important outlet for its singles.    Tecnam is working on a new design with a metal tube framework and composite shell, which it is hoping to launch at Friedrichshafen 2009.     The acquisition takes place alongside the approaching completion of Tecnam’s new 5,000 square metre factory next to Tecnam’s existing Capua final assembly plant. Tecnam is currently producing 1.2 single-engine aircraft per day, two-thirds high wing, one-third low. – Geoff Jones