ABOVE: The first three aircraft will be delivered to the airline in June 2024.

St Barth Executive, the Caribbean-based French VIP airline, is to be the launch customer for Tecnam’s short take-off and landing variant of the P2012 Traveller, the P2012 STOL. This latest variant of the new-generation, twin-engine high-wing aircraft is described as ‘the perfect platform for a unique environment such as the West Indies’.

“We have been waiting for more than ten years for a type of aircraft capable of flying between our islands,” explained Vincent Beauvarlet, President of St Barth Executive. “No business plan was realistic until the launch of the P2012 STOL for our islands and the passenger, cargo and MEDEVAC activities we need to develop”.

At its maximum takeoff weight of 3,680kg, Tecnam’s new aircraft requires just 1,394ft (425m) to get airborne and can land in as little as 1,181ft (360m).

The scheduled service (flying from Guadeloupe to St Barth) will be operated under the AIR INTER ILES brand by St Barth Executive, with up to six flights a day during peak season. During the 50-minute flight, one or two crew and up to nine passengers will be able to make the intra-island journey previously only accessible by boat.