Software producer Wargaming announced today that it will be underwriting David Cundall’s excavation of the most promising of three alleged 1945 Spitfire burial sites in Burma.

At a press conference held at Imperial War Museum London, Cundall said he believed that thirty-six “or maybe more” freshly delivered Griffon-engine MkXIV Spitfires had been buried in Myanmar province.

A geophysical survey completed by Dr Roger Clark of Leeds University and Dr Adam Booth, a research associate at Imperial College London, has revealed large areas of conducting material ten metres underground at the Mingaladon site to which Mr Cundall had been directed by locals.

However, many aviation historians remain sceptical of the whole story. Though surplus airframes were buried at the end of WWII, this was always done with the intention of destroying them.

The excavation is planned for early next year.

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