ABOVE: The first TL-Ultralight Sirius 600 to be accepted by the BMAA. Jiry Tlusty (right) is the owner of TL-Ultralight, while George Jones (left) will be ferrying the aircraft to the UK

The British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) has accepted in the 600kg Light Sport Microlight class the factory-built TL-3000 Sirius 600. The aircraft is manufactured by Czech company TL-Ultralight, which gained UK CAA A8-1 manufacturer certification in April 2022. The BMAA said it worked closely with the UK agents, Paul Sanders and Peter Ronfell of TL-Sting (UK), for the approval. In the wake of this decision the BMAA promptly issued Permit to Fly certificates to three aircraft (G-PODZ, G-CMLA and G-SBOI).

‘The BMAA thanks the UK CAA for its pragmatic approach to this project and for working in partnership with us to streamline the approval process for new companies and products,’ said the BMAA in a statement. Peter Ronfell told Pilot: “We owe a debt of gratitude to the team at BMAA for their enthusiasm, hard work, support and assistance in gaining approval. We look forward to announcing approval for the Sting S4 [also made by TL-Ultraligh] very soon, as the process is well under way.” Pilot tested the Sirius in 2015.