Proposed eco-town could signal end of flying at Duxford

IT is feared that a potential housing site could put the future of Duxford as a working airfield in jeopardy. Mick Martin, head of airfield and security said: “I live in the local village and we work hard to maintain positive relations between the airfield and the community. Having houses that close to the airfield will inevitably lead to problems for us.” The Hanley Grange site in Cambridgeshire is located close to the M11 motorway, nestled among several rural villages close to the county’s border with Essex. The proposed new town – to comprise 8000 houses and associated services – fails to meet the county’s needs according to Conservative Councillor Matthew Bradney, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regional Matters, and is could potentially increase congestion on the roads.- To have your views heard regarding the proposed eco-towns across the country, email wishing to sign the Duxford petition can do so online at